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News Letter January 2018

Dear Club member,

The AGM was held at the Grange at Carleton Pontefract on Sunday 7th January. It was attended by 18 members with 2 apologies. Another interesting and animated discussion that touched on all aspects of the club, including the dwindling numbers interested in racing and anything the club wishes to promote. Top of the list was the Annual Dinner and Prize presentation. This year only 28 people attended, that’s including partners! Seems a bit pointless when a lot of work goes into it when prize winners aren’t interested in collecting said trophies and medals? The Club pays to have trophies engraved to sit in a box for the next season. Let me know your thoughts as to the future of this event? Its your Club and only exists with the support of its’ membership.

Election of Officials


Gary   Proud

Vice President

Tracy   Proud


Sean McKenna




Andy Morgan


Darren Mc Ardle

Welfare Officer

Mark Mills

Media Secretary

Dougie Morrison

Club Captain

Gary   Proud

Vice Captain

Andy Morgan


Gary Proud / Sean McKenna / Andy Morgan / Kevin Troth / Mick   Thackray/ Mark Wilkinson/ Dougie Morrison

Racing Committee

Kevin Troth / Dougie Morrison / Mark Wilkinson / Andy   Morgan / Paul Craven


Sean McKenna /Tracy   Proud/Paul Craven/Mark Wilkinson/Rob Proud

Dinner & Prize Committee

Sean McKenna / Andy   Morgan



Membership fees will remain at to £10 effective from October 1st to September 30th. The membership fees for Junior members or members who are in full time education will remain free, although if they require Cycling UK (CTC) insurance that will have to be funded by themselves. This is now at £24. Second Claim membership also £10

  • The Open TT will be held on Sunday 4th March and will be on the Fairburn Course. Marshalls required please!
  • The 10 Series is still going ahead but needs the support of the Club. Helpers will be needed during holiday periods. It will run from 23/4/18 until 13/8/18. Club 25 TT will be 18/6/18 and Club Champs 10 TT 6/8/18. The Hill Climb on or around 16/9/18
  • Mark Wilkinson is point of contact for Open Ten
  • Dougie Morrison will run the Ten Series.
  • A reminder that to ride with the club you will need 3rd party liability insurance.   This can be taken through either:
  • 1. Cycling UK (CTC) affiliation available through the club at £24 per year running 1st October to 30th September. All late renewals forwarded on last day of the month submitted.
  • Open TT 4th March.

2. Private Cycling UK membership or British Cycling Silver or Gold membership.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact Andy Morgan club secretary.

Press Secretary

Please contact Dougie Morrison through Facebook (Featherstone Road Club), although Mike Brownlow has offered to add results to web page contact on on either 01132 820627 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."> with any results that you have achieved.

Open Events

At this moment in time we are promoting just the one event this season.


Club Events

We are promoting the Monday evening Ten Series this will start at 7.00pm and held on the club course starting at the A19 and then to Pollington and back through Heck. Please arrive well before 7.00pm to sign on. Entry fee to Club Members is £3.00. For FRC Club Juniors entry will be free. Other juniors will pay reduced rate of £2.00 (which is the CTT levy). Non Club Members will pay £4.00 and will have access if requested to our timings to use for their own Championships.

10 mile time trial series

23rd April to 13th August inclusive, Bank Holidays   excluded

25 mile TT championship

18th June – Consisting of 3 laps of the usual Monday night   course

10 mile TT championship

6th   August

10 mile TT and
  prize presentation

13th August Last race (no points)

Hill Climb

Possibly 16th September (TBC) – Club run leaves Castleford   at the usual time

Dinner Dance and Prize Presentation

This was held at the Kyte Hotel, Darrington. Thanks to all that attended. With lack of numbers it is difficult to see a future for the event? Let me know your thoughts?

Training Runs / “Chaingang”

As usual every Tuesday and Thursday at 5.45pm from Kendell Cycles. The course for the Winter Chaingang will be on the old A1 around Brotherton & Fairburn. The summer gang on the usual loop into the Cols of South Yorks.

Club Runs

Club runs will leave at 9:30am from the River Bridge at Castleford on Sunday mornings. Come down and have a ride with your Club mates.

Club Clothing

As always club clothing is available at Kendell Cycles. Please direct any enquiries to Gary or Tracy at the shop. All reasonable requests are catered for!

And finally…

I would like to wish you all a successful year. If you have any queries regarding the club, please do not hesitate to contact Andy Morgan or our new Facebook page!!

Kind regards,

Andy Morgan

Newsletter - January 2018.doc

Andy Morgan’s contact details are:

63 Fair View,



West Yorkshire,

WF8 3NU.

01977 794678 / 0787 9401173 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.