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Results from competitions (both club and national) will appear here as they are submitted.

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Featherstone Road Club Time Trial Championship Results

Find below results from the 2011 Pollington Time Trial Series.

Awards to be presented on Saturday 28th January 2012 at The Kyte Hotel, The Old Great North Road, Darrington.


Handicap Series 2011

Best Timed Points

                        1st        A Morgan        277

                        2nd        S Burrows     275

                        3rd        S Hurst            245


Best Handicap Points

                        1st        M Scott            236

                        2nd        A Lunn           220

                        3rd        P Clarke         202

Fastest rider

                        1st        A Morgan        18.24

                        2nd        S Burrows     18.38

                        3rd        R Sproston     19.03  


Fastest lady  1st         J Blackburn     19.59

                        2nd        V Burrows       22.21

                        3rd         S Clark            25.28


Club 25 20/06/11

Fastest             1st        S Burrows

                           2nd      R Sproston

                           3rd       E Greenhalgh


Handicap 25

                        1st        M Scott

                        2nd        A Morgan

                        3rd        P Cunniff


Club 10 08/08/11

Fastest             1st        A Morgan

                           2nd      S Burrows

                           3rd       S Hurst

Fastest Lady                J Blackburn



                        1st        M Scott

                        2nd        D Hobson

                        3rd        A Lunn


 Hill Climb Results

                        1st        R Sproston

                        2nd        S Newbould

                        3rd        J Birch